How to write a book, win friends & influence people

They say the most important book in your life is the one you write yourself.

Writing a book is still one of the most powerful ways to up your game as an entrepreneur, visible expert or business owner.

And talking about this today is particularly apt because just yesterday, for example, I was on invited onto the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 to talk blogging. Apparently Chris’ wife wants to start a blog and so they were looking for an expert. And a good old Google & social media search unveiled me and my book!

Obviously, it’s great to go on such a high profile programme regardless of what happens next BUT within minutes my book had become an Amazon bestseller (the 48th top selling book in the entire of Amazon), and, ahem, it actually SOLD OUT! Well, Amazon ran out of stock so there were frantic emails to my publishers who were immediately loading up a van to take more over to Amazon….. #drama

Meanwhile, I tweeted Chris saying the book had sold out and he’s retweeted me this morning instantly adding HUNDREDS of followers.

And speaking generally, ​since my book, The Million Dollar Blog, came out, it’s become so much easier for me to do all the things we are all trying to do, such as build my email list, get publicity, raise my profile, secure new opportunities…..


I know that many of the people I work with want to put writing a book at heart of their strategy.

My advice is to DO IT. There’s no better way to raise your profile, establish yourself as an expert and charge a premium for your services.

I can’t think of a better example of this than my good friend (and mentor) Shaa Wasmund MBE.

Shaa’s now written three #1 bestsellers, sold over 100,000 books and just last month reached Sunday Times Bestseller status with her most recent release.

Her first book ‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’ knocked Sir Richard Branson off top spot and went on to hold it for a record 14 consecutive months in WH Smiths.

Her book and its follow up ‘Do Less, Get More’, has opened up so many doors for Shaa.

Not only has she launched three successful businesses in the last two years and built a seriously impressive personal brand; she’s been awarded an MBE for Services to Entrepreneurship and been named one of the Top 20 Most Influential Entrepreneurs by The Sunday Times.

And Shaa, being Shaa, has been even more strategic about this than I was with my book!

She didn’t just set out to write any old book. She very deliberately plotted to create a #1 bestseller.

She invested heavily in herself to learn from the best, including spending £10k and travelling to America to learn from Tim Ferriss’, author of global bestseller The 4-Hour Work Week. She studied how and why people buy books; figured out what the top publishers expect to take and promote your book; and worked out what else she needed to do to guarantee her book was a bestseller.

Now – for one day only – she’s going to show you how to do the same. And I’m going to be on stage with Shaa talking about how I secured a deal for The Million Dollar Blog and the direct impact it’s had on my personal brand and business.

If you’ve ever thought of writing a book or are looking to raise your profile or take your business to the next level, please come and join us next Friday.

Shaa Wasmund MBE Business Bootcamp

How To Write A Book, Make Friends And Influence People

Friday 17th March 2017

The Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London



You’ll get to hear direct from Shaa how she plans, writes and markets her bestselling books. You’ll also be able to ask her questions, including whether or not your book is likely to sell, or how to change it to make it work.

And you can ask me any questions you like too!

Shaa’s Bootcamps always totally sell out so book now before this one does.

And please (as someone on my email list) make sure you seek me out and come and say hello!