High-impact web design for celebrities & talented people.

There’s nothing I dislike more than a lazy website. Even if it looks great, I want to know, what is this website actually doing to help you and your business, or your personal brand?

Is the copy engaging and easy to read? Where are its calls to action? How well is it selling you and your services? Where’s the digital strategy? Is it raising your profile? Are it’s key messages in the spots where people actually look? Is it helping you with your ongoing marketing by building you a mailing list and then continuing to email the people on your list? I’d like to see it predict the main reason visitors are hitting your site, and offer them the solution they’re looking for through clear calls to action.

A hardworking website pulls together many elements.

This includes great images, engaging copy, calls to action, your story, video. It needs to be sticky – instead of hitting the exit button, your visitor finds themselves just wanting to know a bit more, or seeing something else they’d like to read.

Websites I design meet real business and positioning goals.

I focus on delivering a quality websites that will not only impress and delight, but actually meets real business and positioning goals. Having started, grown and sold my own online press agency, through which I positioned myself as the expert in my field, I know exactly how to do this.