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What people say about Tash

Tash is quite simply a web-genius. She advised me brilliantly on what kind of content works, explained social media to me, which I had never understood and now can see is indispensable, and she made sure my existing Twitter account, which with 400,000 followers was the most powerful resource we had, fed the other parts of my social media presence. A huge boon for me.

Jeremy Vine, BBC presenter

I met Tash at an event in London in 2017 where she was giving a talk on Facebook. After further discussions I secured the services of her agency Bolt Digital and I can honestly say my company has not looked back since, with sales growing day on day. I find Tash and her team patient, professional and human.

Maxine Laceby, Founder of Absolute Collagen

I really enjoyed working with Tash. She has enormous energy and commitment – and is full of innovative ideas. She makes things happen with minimum fuss. I am delighted.

Mary Nightingale, TV presenter & broadcaster

No stone goes unturned – Tash is a force of nature, thoroughly efficient and effective. If you’re looking for a captain to help you navigate website design or promotions in the entertainment business, look no further – you’ve found your (wo)man. Any burden involved in the process is shouldered by Natasha and she makes it feel like a walk in the park – a total joy. We were also in awe of Natasha’s skills as press agent/ pr.

Cerys Matthews, singer

Tash is amazing! We worked together on a recent project and every time we spoke I learned something new from her. Tash’s team are super talented and a delight to work with which made the whole project a lot of fun and a success. No idea was a bad idea to Tash and she always took time to consider even the craziest ideas.

Eimear McManus

Tash and the team were instrumental in developing our D2C game plan. The highly talented creative team at Bolt helped us clarify our creative messaging for the D2C audience. Most importantly, they gave us the tools and the roadmap for growing our digital presence with impactful and data-driven creatives. I’d highly recommend Bolt if you’re serious about your D2C ambitions. With their digital expertise and mentoring, you will be in safe hands.

Secil Fuller

Natasha was one of the very first accredited UK trainers for the #SheMeansBusiness campaign. I was absolutely thrilled to work with Natasha on a number of extremely popular events and campaigns. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for supporting entrepreneurs with their advertising and eCommerce growth plans is phenomenal. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Natasha!

Lorna Bladen

I have had the pleasure of working with Natasha and her team on a highly successful campaign. Natasha’s knowledge of her industry and drive for success is truly remarkable, and both her and her team are not only highly creative but also super great to work alongside.

Linda Carter

Natasha has supported Facebook’s She Means Business, supporting women to start and grow businesses online using social media. She is extremely knowledgeable, a great public speaker and a pleasure to work with.

Lauren Malone

As a D2C product in women’s health and beauty, Tash revolutionised our social and digital strategies and set us on the road to monthly sales growth. She has a unique understanding of data and how the platforms work coupled with creativity and boundless energy! Tash fully understands how the health and beauty industry works, what the consumer thinks, how they behave and how online brands can really make an impact to achieve all important growth.

Sophie Hooper

Tash supported Protocol with her outstanding team of specialists by guiding us through rigorous training with the D2C team and opened our eyes to the possibilities of the digital marketing world. I would describe her as the ‘Digital Queen’ and if you haven’t worked with her yet, you certainly need to reach out to her.

Rebekka Gardner

Natasha is a thought-leader in the media and marketing space. She has unrivalled knowledge of the Millennial/Gen Z mindset, and a rare talent for weaving compelling stories around brands. She is extremely hard-working in the service of her clients and also very pleasant to work with. Bolt’s customers typically see a dramatic growth in their customer numbers.

Mark Pilkington, author

Tash’s free resources

DTC Live Newsletter

The DTC Live Newsletter is published to over 4500 subscribers every Thursday at 9am and is packed with amazing eCom insights from Tash and the team at DTC Live.

DTC Gamechangers

Gamechangers is the free, one-day workshop run by Tash and her team at DTC Live for ecom brand owners and ecom marketing teams.

Biz Kids

Tash’s Biz Kids lessons stream live every Monday on TikTok during term time but are also available on demand through YouTube.

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Follow Tash on LinkedIn

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Connect with Tash

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