Tune into You Tube, where you can watch my series Renovation House

You see, as well as loving business and digital, I also have a passion for property, and this is the fifth property I’ve renovated – although the first whose story I charted via video.

Although developing property might seem unconnected to running a business, the truth is, it’s not.

Overall, the majority of wealth in the UK (and globally) is created and held in two main forms: business and property development. Even inherited wealth has often originally been generated through these two means.

And I’ll hold my hand up high here and confess that I want to create wealth for my family, namely my children and grandchildren. Therefore, I can’t help but feel drawn to both business and property development and feel passionate about both.

I also find property development hugely satisfying.

I believe houses have a soul, and that just like someone who has been through a low period in their life, properties can be left flat, deflated and feeling unloved. Usually, the properties I buy have been left languishing on the market. They must feel a bit like we do when we’re the last one picked for a team.

I’m always baffled though by why they haven’t been bought, when all I can see in them is the potential. The house that features in Renovation House, is beautiful! Just beautiful.

So whilst I know that my efforts of running this project pay off financially in terms of an increase in equity, it will also give me huge personal satisfaction to see this house turned into a fantastic family home. All the episodes are on my Youtube channel, but this final one shows the house’s complete transformation and watching it, I hope you’ll understand why I love this side of my life.