I recently spoke for Facebook at Olympia as part of the Top Drawer exhibition.

At the end of the talk, I was asked to give my top 3 tips for getting started with advertising on Facebook and this video is the result!

  1. First of all it is essential for any business owners out there to get the Facebook Pixel on your website. This allows you to create custom audiences and conversions inside Facebook and therefore reach the people who are most likely to love what your business does.
  2. It’s also really important to remember that Facebook campaigns run in 3 tiers. There is the Discovery Tier, which is top-of-funnel, and consists of raising awareness of your brand to a cold audience. The middle- of- funnel tier retargets people who have heard of you and then there is also bottom-of-funnel aimed at people who have been targeted before and made purchases.
  3. Thirdly, content on Facebook is becoming less organic which isn’t anything too new. This can be seen in how the people who are getting sales have put money into their content.  It’s really important to get engagement through people’s conversation and commenting. Although it can be time consuming it’s also essential that businesses reply to comments they receive on ads they are running and keep the conversations going. Every video business should think about using video ads. The better your ads are creatively the more you will get for your money and the further they will spread.

As part of this chat, I was also asked ‘What makes a successful Facebook ad campaign.’

I think it is really simple to judge the success of an ad campaign: is it working and is it profitable? Often Facebook ad campaigns are not profitable from the get go and can take months before you see results because they require a huge amount of testing, variations and analyzing. The goal at the end of the day is that they are profitable.

Small business owners often worry when they spend £90 on boosting ads and it doesn’t work. It’s important to understand how Facebook and ad campaigns works. And then I’m afraid you will need to spend more than £90 in order for them to be successful.

I hope you found this helpful and just remember success from advertising – unless you have an amazing product or a large engaged audience – on Facebook does not happen over night.