Your one-stop shop for an online presence that rocks….

….in just SIX weeks

So many people are trying to build businesses or their profile with an online presence that just doesn’t make the grade. Their websites are dated (or non-existent), they have no clear brand and their content struggles to get their message across. 

You can’t set yourself apart from the competition or even begin to stand out from the crowd without a great, modern, hardworking website, fantastic photography, a distinctive striking brand, a clear message and great copy.

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Work one to one with me, and my trusted team

From top photographers to branding experts and content gurus, we will walk you through the entire process and get your new site and online platforms live, consistent, compelling and looking the part.

There is a high level of personal interaction and one-to-one time for all the packages below, so we only work with a small number of clients each month.

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  • Ecommerce websites and websites with specific functionality are quoted for separately.
  • Models can be arranged for photoshoots (when required) at additional cost.

Hosting & maintenance

  • All clients are strongly advised to take out monthly maintenance packages of £48 per month. This includes the installation of Securi, weekly malware scans, brute force protection, backup and restore functionality, WordPress updates and fixes to any glitches (this does not include revisions or additions to design).
  • Following site launch, all clients are given a four week window during which any glitches that become apparent are fixed (this does not include changes to the design of the site). Subsequent to that period, any glitches that need fixing for clients not on a monthly maintenance package are charged at £80 per hour.
  • Changes and additions to site design or functionality for BOTH clients on and not on monthly maintenance packages are done at £80 per hour or quoted for on an individual basis.
  • If you do not take out the above monthly maintenance option, you will be charged £99 per year for annual site hosting. A back up of your site will be taken on completion and you should expect that at some point your site will need maintenance and fixes, which will be carried out at an hourly rate of £80.

Email systems

  • Sites hosted on my server can have simple @domain email relay systems set up, but clients are responsible for the set up of these systems on their devices/computers.
  • For business needs, a bespoke quote will be provided for email.

I offer bespoke quotes for the following services

  • Publicity
  • Video workshops to teach you how to film and edit your own video.
  • Strategic reviews and opportunity analysis of PR and digital strategy.