James-Caan1In 2011, I was selected to attend former ‘Dragon’ James Caan’s Entrepreneurs Business Academy (The EBA) for a year long, part-time course taught by some of the UK’s most successful and well-known entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the time, James Caan’ said about the news agency business I then owned, Talk to the Press, which in 2014 I sold to the UK’s largest news agency group: ‘To the lay person who has no idea how to get their story published, I can imagine finding Natasha would be a relief to a lot of people.  I like the conscientiousness and due diligence here.’

The EBA’s managing director and serial entrepreneur Bev James said at the time: ‘Natasha is playing to her strengths: skills and passion and it’s evident she is set to become the leader in her niche.  Reputation is everything in business and Natasha really knows this and is building a great brand through her people skills as much as her professional skills.’