One thing I thought I’d never hear is a client describing themselves as ‘careworn…..’

But that’s how my (lovely) client Hugh Somerleyton, the owner of Fritton Lake holiday resort in Norfolk is describing himself in this week’s vlog! In the nicest possible way of course!

We’ve been working with Somerleyton for the past 18 months, running integrated online campaigns using Facebook, Google, email and content to sell the luxury off plan holiday homes at Fritton Lake Resort. And in the vlog this week Hugh is showing me the latest developments at Fritton and we’re discussing where he thinks adspend is best put.

When you have traditionally advertised in print media, it’s a big leap to start putting money into online platforms.

But last year we helped Fritton Lake shift nearly a large proportion of their marketing budget into digital, which helped drive sales of over £2 million of off plan property from a £17k adspend on Facebook and Instagram.

Last week, Hugh and I were taking a look at the newest properties being developed, and we chatted about his vision for Fritton Lake (most definitely some of the best holiday property available to own in the UK) as well as the frustrations he felt with print media..

Hugh is not alone in moving budget out of print. Total advertising spend in the UK grew by 4.6 per cent to a record £22.2bn last year, but the print media industry is getting a diminishing slice of the pie.

According to the Advertising Association, from 2017 to 2018 Internet advertising grew to £11.5bn with Google and Facebook – the so called ‘duopoly’ dominating digital advertising in the UK with Google taking 90 per cent of UK search advertising and expected to be making at least £5bn. Facebook is thought to be leading online display advertising in the UK, taking in excess of £1bn.

As you’ll hear from Hugh, he has found digital marketing more successful and easier than printed media, which is expensive to do well and hard to measure the impact of. Digital marketing on the other hand gives you more control and means you can react to it and find your customer base – even if working with Bolt does leave you exhausted 😂😂.