It is the week of romance and magic, with Prince Harry and Megan Markle (don’t you just think she’s great by the way!), and now Google and Facebook…..

What I’m talking about is an article I that I LOVED this week about how Google & Facebook work better together than alone.

A lot of people see Facebook and Google as rivals.

Is someone a Facebook person or a Google person? People ask me that all the time (for the record, I’m both!). Or people ask ‘Is this a business that relies on search, or social?’

Facebook advertising fans think Google’s AdWords is a bit straight and old-fashioned, while die-hard Google devotees don’t get the hype surrounding Facebook. 

Let me tell you something – there is little better than a visitor arriving at your website/offering through a Google search. 

The problem is there’s not usually enough people searching (because they may not know yet they would even need to search for you) and the ads aren’t scalable beyond those who are actually searching. 

And you have to sit there waiting for people to search rather than taking action and having a scalable plan to get in front of people. 

And what about your Google site visitors who haven’t bought or booked yet? Well they need to be retargeted on Facebook to push them into taking action.

And what about those who see you on Facebook and then turn to Google to check you out? You’ve got to make a good impression over there too. 

You can also use AdWords data to build your Facebook ads audience, effectively targeting the right people. The list goes on and on – ways that Google and Facebook, Facebook and Google work better together than alone!

And that’s where the perfect romance comes into play!

Of course, as digital marketers our job is to force people into sales funnels. But people aren’t always predictable.

Just look at this example of where one ecommerce shopper went before purchasing. This person is bouncing around like a yoyo which is why you’ve got to be there, waiting, wherever we go!

What this means is that it’s a symbiotic relationship.

In the end, one isn’t better than the other.  They are different. Both Facebook Ads and AdWords work great on their own, but together?

That’s when the magic happens.