This week, there’s been a lot of talk about ecommerce at Bolt HQ. We have an ecommerce client in the beauty space whose brand has achieved up to 87% growth month to month, we have other ecom clients who are onboarding and a number of business owners who I’ve been talking to who are looking for help growing their brands are in the ecommerce space too.

(In fact, if you are reading this and your name is either Sorcha or Katy then the post I promised you is coming up!)

I’ve had my head under the hood of a lot of ecommerce campaigns -I audit a lot of ad accounts which means I get to see a number of different scenarios – and I see the same problems again and again in  the ad account audits that I do.

  1. Facebook pixel and conversions are not set up properly. This is worse than a lights on but noone is home scenario – its like the lights are off AND noone is home. Genius as Facebook is, the artificial learning that is the whole point of Facebook cannot kick in without these in place.
  2. Ad spend is too low. Spend a couple of hundred on Facebook and you are unlikely to get results. People who get good results on ecommerce spend thousands per month and do so over a period of time that is more than running an ad for a few days.
  3. The funnel structure isn’t there. Further explanation coming up. 

What I’ve done this week is record you a walk through of an existing ecommerce funnel (that is working) AND a funnel diagram. 

I really hope you find it helpful! (excuse the slight shock – aka jumping out of my skin – when the fire alarm gets tested!)