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So you’ve travelled here from one of the websites that I’ve built. That probably means you’re wondering who it was that built the website that you visited. So allow me to introduce myself……

My name is Natasha Courtenay-Smith, I’m here to help you build your business, become better known for what you do, reach more people and explode your opportunity and profit. 

I am an entrepreneur, author, digital marketing strategist and publicist. I use both online and offline strategies to raise the profile of individuals and businesses.

Clients include TV presenters, blog stars, private health care businesses, festivals, charities and small business owners.

My book, The Million Dollar Blog, is published by Pitakus. It is packed with practical advice on using content to build and monetise businesses and personal brands.

As a former national newspaper & glossy magazine journalist, and then as owner of my own online press agency, I bring real editorial expertise to my publicity and digital projects.

All publicity clients benefit from my strong relationships with editors, a keen awareness of how to use the news cycle to generate publicity and knowledge of crisis management.

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  1. Cerys Matthews. Website.

    Fantastic work by the way but I can’t find an email or contact for whoever sells CDs etc. Cerys did use to sign items personally sold through her website but it looks like its not the case? (Don’t blame her, she is busier than ever!)

    Just wanted to ask that question to someone.

    Martin George South

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