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This week’s webinar: How To Use Facebook For Business

On Wednesday at 1pm, I’ll be running a repeat of the training I delivered last week at the British Library on How To Use Facebook For Business.

Except this time I’ll be doing it as a webinar! Which means no travelling, no leaving your house, no schlepping across London, no risk of Ubers being on surcharge, no late night trains home.

It means pull up your armchair, grab your sarnie and join me on t’internet! 

From understanding how to get organic reach, to Facebook pixel and custom audiences, and what you must do before you run any adverts at all, I’m going to be sharing some of the latest wisdom and advice direct from Facebook HQ.

If you’ve got any questions ahead of the webinar, just email me and ask and I’ll be sure to answer them live.

See you there

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