Customised one to one mentoring

Do you run an amazing business, do incredible things, have a great talents or create and sell incredible products?

But you struggle to raise your profile, get yourself out there and generate the opportunities you want?

Or perhaps you’re stuck when it comes to unravelling your next steps, seeing the wood for the trees and taking giant leaps forwards towards your goals?

Let me handle your strategy, map out your plan, push you to take action, work alongside you and make sure the things you want to happen DO happen with a customised one to one mentoring plan.

This mentoring programme was borne out of the needs of my clients.

Usually, we’d started working together on their branding (business and personal), positioning and website build & launch.

Often, they want to ‘get themselves out there’ but rather than pay a PR retainer and forever be beholden to an PR agency for coverage (even if it was my agency!) they wanted to understand the media, and be empowered to get press coverage for themselves.

But it's not always about PR

Some of my clients wanted to continue working with me to get the next stages of their projects live. Some wanted me to be their sounding board, accountability partner and asswhipper as they developed a new product or offer.

Others wanted tech training and support to develop their own digital skills so that they could take control of all the pieces of the complicated jigsaw that make up online success from PPC to social content to autoresponders to lead magnets to how to edit a wordpress website to video editing.

What you’ll all have in common is a powerful desire to move forward and be supported as you do so. You don’t want things done for you, but you do want things done WITH you.

Here's how it works

  • Every Strategy & Action mentoring programme is personalised, and lasts for 3 months. 
  • We will start with a 60 minute strategy session, during which we work out ‘what’ exactly it is that you need help with and how I will be able to help you.
  • We’ll then have fortnightly hour long calls (warning – you will be set homework!) and unlimited email support.

If it’s press coverage you want help with…..

I’ll be showing, teaching and guiding you step by step through the process of getting amazing press coverage for your business/brand/self.

I’ll be teaching you everything I’ve learned in almost 20 years working first as a journalist for national newspapers and magazines, then running my own news organisation, and now running the publicity campaigns for clients including celebrities, brands and private health care practitioners.

I’ll be opening up my contacts book, letting you know what media outlets are looking for, helping you generate topical ideas.

However, I won’t be doing your pitches for you. This is because I want you to become empowered to understand the media, build your own relationships with journalists so that moving forwards, you’re able to generate your own coverage.

If you are looking for Strategy & Action on another topic or project, your programme will be customised to your needs and fully discussed in advance.

Whatever your goals, I will bring all my expertise in the editorial, branding, digital, ecommerce and small business spheres to help you move forwards.

I only work with people I know I can help and who I know I can move the next level in their business.

Strategy & Action

One off payment of £4500 (plus VAT)

Strategy & Action (pay monthly)

Pay in instalments: 3 x £1600 (plus VAT)