Web design

How to plan, create & launch a website that builds your personal brand/business AND makes money.

Over the past few years, I’ve designed, built and now manage dozens of websites for business owners, experts and celebrities. And of course I work endlessly on my own.

The one thing I know to be true is that websites are so much more than a vanity project. 

And I think most people know this (in principle).

But creating a website that works just as hard as you do and delivers results is another matter altogether – and that’s not even talking about the technical side of things.

I get a lot of great comments about my website (thanks guys!)

But getting it to where it is today has been a journey and involved a lot of work on various different aspects of my offering and work, both online AND more importantly in the real world.

It has been through various reincarnations that I prefer not to think about, and I’ve tried things that haven’t worked too – but luckily with a website you can just hit the delete button. 

If I was now writing a recipe for a great website it would include the following

  • proper branding
  • professional photography
  • a clear understanding of the key messages
  • the productisation of services (especially for experts)
  • tiered services
  • real world credibility indicators
  • And an understanding of the front end and back end of the donkey (both in terms of the sales process and the technical/functionality side of the website)! 

My next webinar is called Websites that Convert, and it’s all about how to plan, create & launch a website that builds your personal brand and/or business AND makes money.

This webinar is going to be perfect for you if you’re thinking about a relaunch for an existing website, are considering a website built from scratch, or even if you have a website already that you feel could work harder for you.

I’m running this webinar over a lunchtime. And it will take place on Tuesday, March 21st.

So grab your sarnie (not that I think anyone would eat the devil’s food, aka bread) and pull up a chair, and I’ll see you there!