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New website and personal brand launch for menopause guru Maryon Stewart

I’ve loved working with author (of 26 books!), menopause guru and coach Maryon Stewart. 

Maryon, a super well known health expert in the UK, wanted a new website to relaunch her personal brand following a few years off. Using her years of knowledge and expertise, Maryon coaches women in understanding the information, tools and techniques needed to get well, to the point that they are able to be completely symptom-free during menopause.

Our project involved visual branding, content editing and website build and Maryon is now one of the students in my Blogstar Academy.

If you want to watch someone build their profile and following with huge speed and total fearlessness, then I suggest you hop over to Maryon’s Facebook where, in less than 6 weeks, Maryon has embraced Facebook Live, has had half a million views on her videos and created a community called Midlife Switch with over 3000 members.

In the Blogstar Academy, we’re working on creating guest blogs for high profile websites as well as getting Maryon publicity (Ok so PR isn’t exactly blogging but if you want to be well known, you need PR!).

I absolutely love it when clients take action over everything else and that’s exactly what Maryon is doing, putting herself out there and spreading her message despite being new to this whole online world. 

Maryon plans to sell online courses and one-to-one coaching for women going through menopause, as well as have her own audience for when she publishes new books and launches new products, and it’s totally clear already that she’s going to be a huge success.

You can see Maryon’s new website here: