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Coming up tomorrow: How To Use iMovie Webinar

Another week, another webinar 🙂

Has anyone around here noticed I am obsessed with webinars?

That is running them, not going to them….. although I have been to a lot of webinars too.

From my own experience and that of my clients who have ‘real world’ businesses (as opposed to businesses that operate purely online), webinars are hands down one of the most powerful things you can do in your business in terms of reach, engagement and in particular, clear measurable lead generation. 

I’ve always thought every time I get up and do a talk, whether it’s to 3 or 300 people, something good has to come of it. Even if you don’t know what immediately. The only issue with speaking is that you can’t really control how often you get to do talks, as you (mostly) have to be asked to do them or you have to organise an event.

And webinars allow you to give such talks on demand, and as often as you like.

I think I can see myself doing a webinar on webinars soon…..

But until then, there is (of course) another webinar coming up. This one is called How To Use iMovie Like A Pro and it’s all about how to use video for your business and personal brand.

It’s taking place on Wednesday at lunchtime and there will be a replay.

So if you want to be empowered to use video in your brand, then join me live on Wednesday. 

Reserve your seat now

And I’ll see you there!