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How to plan, create & launch a website that builds your personal brand/business AND makes money.

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Over the past few years, I’ve designed, built and now manage dozens of websites for business owners, experts and celebrities. And of course I work endlessly on my own.

The one thing I know to be true is that websites are so much more than a vanity project. 

And I think most people know this (in principle).

But creating a website that works just as hard as you do and delivers results is another matter altogether – and that’s not even talking about the technical side of things.

I get a lot of great comments about my website (thanks guys!)

But getting it to where it is today has been a journey and involved a lot of work on various different aspects of my offering and work, both online AND more importantly in the real world.

It has been through various reincarnations that I prefer not to think about, and I’ve tried things that haven’t worked too – but luckily with a website you can just hit the delete button. 

If I was now writing a recipe for a great website it would include the following

  • proper branding
  • professional photography
  • a clear understanding of the key messages
  • the productisation of services (especially for experts)
  • tiered services
  • real world credibility indicators
  • And an understanding of the front end and back end of the donkey (both in terms of the sales process and the technical/functionality side of the website)! 

My next webinar is called Websites that Convert, and it’s all about how to plan, create & launch a website that builds your personal brand and/or business AND makes money.

This webinar is going to be perfect for you if you’re thinking about a relaunch for an existing website, are considering a website built from scratch, or even if you have a website already that you feel could work harder for you.

I’m running this webinar over a lunchtime. And it will take place on Tuesday, March 21st.

So grab your sarnie (not that I think anyone would eat the devil’s food, aka bread) and pull up a chair, and I’ll see you there! 




New site launch: celebrity make up artist Lisa Waite

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Lisa has been a make up artist to the stars for around 20 years, but was increasingly noticing the landscape changing in terms of how TV channels and production companies book make up artists.

All her work came from word of mouth but with younger make up artists promoting themselves online, Lisa wanted to increase her visibility and also build a great website showcasing her work to help her win pitches.  Read More

New site launch: TV presenter Martel Maxwell

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I’ve loved working with TV presenter Martel Maxwell on her brand new website which you can see at

While we were working together, we came up with a phrase #nailingit and our goal became to make it clear to anyone taking even just a glance at Martel’s site that she is totally nailing life as a freelance TV presenter. TV is a hugely competitive world and it’s important to make Martel stand out and appear to be everywhere! So the site opens with all of her latest work on a carousel – which includes interviewing on the red carpet at the premiers of James Bond and Star Wars, talking to the judges of the Voice for Lorraine and presenting Landward for BBC Scotland.

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New site launch: Mayfair based lawfirm

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I’ve recently completed a brand new website for Mayfair based lawfirm, Meaby.

We used celebrity photographer Steve Poole to take a set of sensational photos of the Meaby’s team to really help them stand out from the crowd. The image of some of the team walking along the street outside their office is the shot that opens the brand new website.

Click here to see the site: 

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New website launched for AOB pr

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I’ve loved working with the PR firm AOB who represent a number of celebrities and premium brands. Uniquely, they work with their clients to mastermind alliances between celebrities and brands and were able to gain Bluebella underwear acres of coverage by organising for Binky (pictured above) to become the face of the brand.

Yet despite having a fantastic body of work and huge amounts of coverage that they should be proud to display, AOB’s website was very tired and dated to the point that they had given up on updating it and wished it would just disappear (this is a common affliction and a sign that your website needs redoing!).

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Monetising a social media following

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I’ve loved working with Lizzie King on her new website

Lizzie has built up a huge following of over 10,000 people in Instagram through posting her quick and easy gluten, sugar and dairy free family meals on the social network. Yet she had no way to convert the interest in her and her recipes into anything that benefitted her.

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Confused about your homepage? Then read these three articles…

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I’m not going to join in the endless debate about website homepages because in my mind, a lot about design is subjective and there are no right or wrong answers!

However, if you’re considering your website homepage, how it should look, what content it might have, what images you should use and generally what works and what doesn’t, then these three articles, from three different voices, are worth reading.

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New ecommerce website: Flutterby

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I first started working with talented sisters-in-law, Louisa and Sal, who make and curate beautiful jewellery, principally using semi-precious gems, silver, gold and freshwater pearls, a few months ago. The idea was to revamp their ecommerce store, take them out of their comfort zone and help them propel their business to the next level.

Although they did well selling their jewellery at fairs around the UK, their website left a lot to be desired. It looked dated, completely ‘uncool’ and had no chance against big established jewellery online jewellery brands such as Stella & Dot and Azuni. It just didn’t give the right impression and what is worse is that their jewellery, which is LOVELY and extremely classy, didn’t even look especially nice on their website.

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Think of your website launch in way you do getting ready for a party

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Now, I’m a big fan of having a high impact, great looking website with a few bells and whistles that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

But I also know this truth about websites: they are never, ever finished. And as such, it’s really important to understand that what you see as the finishing line might only be the halfway line, and learning to recognise when it’s time to launch your site and start getting actual sales and driving traffic to it.

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On website bells, whistles and standing out from the crowd

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I’ve just finished working on this website for the sports presenter Richard Kaufman Like everyone I work with, he’s keen to get more opportunities and stand out from the crowd. In his case, these opportunities would both be in presenting jobs, and also in sports event hosting, which is a huge and lucrative market to be working in.

I particularly love the floating audio bar that I’ve integrated into the site, which allows visitors to click and hear one of the football commentaries that Richard is most proud of.

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New site launch: TV presenter Andrea Catherwood

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I’ve loved working on a new website for television and radio presenter Andrea Catherwood, which has just gone live at

I also art-directed the photoshoot for a fantastic set of exclusive photos for her website.

When on screen and hosting events, Andrea often has a very serious and corporate look, so the aim was to get a set of high impact photos which showcase her more natural, smiley and glamorous side. The job included website design and build, photoshoot and also editing Andrea an updated video showreel.

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New website: fashion consultant Sara Simmonds

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I’ve loved working with fashion consultant Sara Simmonds on her website at

There is no doubt Sara has had a hugely successful career to date, working for brands such as Harvey Nichols and Zara, and developing products such as River Island’s Molly jeans and the rest of its denim collection that have helped turn around the fortunes of the once-popular high street store that was falling by the wayside.

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How Princes Charles, William and Harry use their website to create their own publicity

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Ever since I sold my online news agency in 2014, and started thinking how I could bring together my particular combination of expertise in digital, websites, journalism and publicity, I have become obsessed with the potential that well-known individuals have to use the internet and their websites (coupled with editorial skills) to not only engage with their own fans, but also guide the press and at the best, create their own publicity.

And nowhere is this modern publicity model, which is really a form of content marketing, in clearer action in this country than on the websites of Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William. They are not always know for being forward thinking, but hats off to the royal family who are streets ahead on this new digital trend.

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Celebrity website launch: Cerys Matthews’

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I’ve been hugely proud to work with the musician and presenter Cerys Matthews on her new ecommerce website. The aim was to create a fantastic showcase of Cerys’ incredible career, plus an integrated online shop where she can now sell her albums and children’s books direct to her fans.

When it comes to celebrity website design, celebrities have a particular set of needs. For a start, unlike most of us, they actually have people googling them – a lot of people! In Cerys’ case, 20,000 people per month put her name into Google. It is therefore hugely important that Cerys, and other celebrities, put up fantastic sites to capture those people interested in them and make a great impression. Like most celebrities, Cerys has put years of hard work into her career and has done some incredibly diverse and interesting things.

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The things I offer that other website designers don’t!

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Many website designers just do, well, website design! Which of course is something I do too…..

But in today’s competitive world, we’ve all got to set ourselves apart right, and I consider myself more than a web designer. I see myself as being a one-stop shop for my web design clients with an element of business/brand/profile coaching and consulting thrown in too.

So, to sum up, the things I do which other website designers don’t…..

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