Join my Blogstar Academy and learn how to build a ‘Million Dollar Blog’

Do you have dreams of becoming a million dollar blogstar, or you’d like to turn an existing blog into your full time job – if only you could make it pay the bills?

But you KNOW that you need a plan of action, expert guidance, visibility and accountability? 

Well, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to go pro. 

My 3 month Blogstar Academy is all about showing you step by step how to build a blog that can be monetised, how to monetise an existing blog, how to write better posts, how to position yourself, how to attract more eyes to your blog and how to create a blog plan that will see your blog’s earnings soar. 

I’ll be there working with you throughout, sharing all my expertise in content, writing, personal branding and building an online business.


Natasha is the real deal and over delivered in every way. She is sharp, switched on and has an incredible ability to get straight to the point. In a matter of weeks I had been published on some very high profile blogs, ran a series of webinars and gone live with my website.

Salma Shah

I’ve loved working with Natasha, it’s been great to work with another women who is driven and ambitious. I love her passion and she’s always upbeat and so encouraging. It really helped me gain clarity on my work ideas and where I want to head as well as (all importantly!) taking action to get there.

Dr Jessamy Hibberd

By the time you graduate the Academy, you will…….

  • Be crystal clear about your blog goals, monetisation plan and where you are headed.
  • Be crystal clear about your personal brand and why you have a unique offer. 
  • Understand the messaging you need to create your content around.
  • Have your blog content mapped out for the next year. 
  • Understand how to make every blog post give you a sevenfold return on effort.
  • Be confident about writing ‘skimmable’ content fast.
  • Understand how to use opinion to enhance your blogstar profile.
  • How to double the traffic to your blog month by month.
  • How to become the sort of blogger who attracts journalists so that your message gets spread faster.

Blogstar students also include business owners who want also learn exactly….

  • How to use content to build their business, reputation, customer base and visibility
  • How to use content to attract journalists and the media. 
  • How to produce content on demand when you don’t know how to write. 
  • How content creation can work even in established industries with lots of competition.

Let’s launch and grow your blog strong and propel you towards the income you dream about.

The Academy includes

  • Weekly lessons delivered by email/video and audio (warning: you will be set homework). 
  • Fortnightly coaching calls (one-to-one)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Editing of your blog posts/headlines/ideas


  • I’ll be helping you create a compelling pitch to become a regular blogger for the Huffington Post so that you can use them as a distribution platform for your content.

The Academy programme lays the strongest possible foundation for your blog vision, and sets the momentum and gives you the knowledge, accountability and understanding you’ll need in order to reach a 6 figure plus blog income.

Blogstar Academy

One off payment of £2999

Blogstar Academy

Pay in instalments: 3 x £1050

Once you complete check out, I will be in contact with you to confirm your start date. You’ll then receive my welcome pack, and first module of training.