Hi, I’m Natasha.

My goal to help you, whether you’re a business owner, health practitioner, celebrity, thought-leader, expert or all round ambitious talented person, raise your profile, get more recognition, position yourself as a leader and secure publicity.

All my clients have the same goals: to become better known, build their businesses, and get more opportunity and profits. 

I particularly focus on getting my clients in front of large female consumer lifestyle audiences, partly through magazine-style content strategies. I also position them for, and secure them publicity in mainstream media outlets including national newspapers, local newspapers, television and radio. 

My background combines womens’ magazines and national newspaper journalism, and publicity, with starting, growing and selling my own online business.



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Thanks to Natasha’s strategies, I have had coverage in national newspapers such as the Daily Mail, Express and Metro as well as online and I’m an official blogger for the Huffington Post. The coverage has all been very positive, highlights my blogs and is complimentary to my TV career.

Samantha Simmonds

It’s taken forever and a village until the web genius Natasha stepped in and created what I’ve been dreaming of for ages. Can’t tell you how excited, relieved and amazed I am.

Lizzie King (aka Lizzie Loves Healthy)

No stone goes unturned; Natasha is a force of nature, thoroughly efficient and effective. If you’re looking for a captain to help you navigate website design or promotions in the entertainment business – look no further – you’ve found your (wo)man.

Cerys Matthews

Natasha is quite simply a web-genius. It all came to fruition when I appeared on Strictly and found I at last had ways of communicating in a really informative and personal way with viewers who were interested. Thank-you Tash!

Jeremy Vine

I really enjoyed working with Natasha. She has enormous energy and commitment – and is full of innovative ideas. She had a clear vision of how she wanted my digital strategy to look and work – and made it happen with minimum fuss. I am delighted with the result.

Mary Nightingale

Traffic to our website has more than doubled, we're building audiences across multiple social platforms, and we've launched our own online TV show. I'm confident we are embracing the digital revolution and setting ourselves apart from the competition.

Zita West Zita West Fertility Clinic


Don’t let the fear of being in front of the camera, or lack of technical knowledge. come between you and video for a moment longer.

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