Website design for celebrities, media
professionals & well-known

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If you have a public profile, you have a very specific set of website needs

Great design, strong storytelling and clear calls to action are just a part of the picture…..

You're being looked up online

Most high profile individuals, media professionals and celebrities have thousands, or even tens or hundreds of thousands of internet searches for their name each and every month. Even lesser known celebrities and media professionals have thousands of searches per month.

Personal branding

That's why you must take control of what people find with a website that ranks top of search engines. My engaging, fully responsive magazine-style websites are not only Google friendly, but also showcase you, share your news and delight visitors.

Convert traffic into money

Unlike social media, we are not shouting into the noise and hoping someone hears. We’re delivering a fantastic response for those who are actively looking for information about you. My websites are specifically designed to capture this highly engaged traffic, and converts it into engagement, opportunity, sales and publicity.

Photography & Video

Need a professional photoshoot? No worries. After years of working on newspapers and magazine, I know the photographers who will make you look your absolute best. Got footage of yourself? I’ll edit it into a showcase of you in action. Viewers are said to be 85 per cent more likely to buy, book or connect after watching a video.

Retarget visitors

On most websites, visitors arrive and leaving again without you knowing who they were there or why. My websites work hard to get your visitors onto an email marketing list so that you can continue to engage with them and market yourself and your products long after they’ve left your website.

Ongoing digital strategy

My unique digital strategy for celebrities, media professionals and well known individuals includes content managed blogs, from which you can generate your own publicity and news stories.

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Having started, grown and sold a digital business that relied entirely on converting search traffic into sales, I understand web design, SEO, internet marketing and conversion trends. And as a former national newspaper and glossy magazine journalist, I know how to bring pages alive and keep readers engaged with great copy and visuals.
Request a free, bespoke report for yourself, or the individual you represent. It will detail the volumes of search traffic heading your way, and how to better convert this search into engagement, sales and publicity.